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November 7, 2022: Trash Train Derailed into Ohio River

A Norfolk Southern freight train hauling trash derailed in Steubenville, OH overnight. Several railcars derailed, dumping trash and debris on the tracks and into the Ohio River. The cause of the derailment is under investigation. No injuries were reported.
Jefferson County EMA Director Rob Herrington said “We believe somewhere around 7 o’clock this morning, when it was first reported. Obviously, some environmental damage within the river with the trash. They do have booms out to control and try to catch as much of it as they possibly can. They got Rj Corman services in here, train services here and doing the clean up on the actual cars and all that and trying to get the actual track repaired.”

Train derails in Jefferson County

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  1. thomas B mccoy

    What does the EPA have to say about this, what about the people, how about New York and other eastern states keep their trash in their own states

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