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Facility Audits & Pre-Inspections

We do not have a template that we expect our clients to fit into. Instead, we always specially design a program for your company’s products, operation, and needs. It is never one-size fits all with STARS!

Let us find and fix the problems before the regulators do! Avoid accidents, spills, and injuries, learn industry best practices and cost-effective ways to comply.

Enhance or repair an existing compliance program or create a new compliance program. We have expertise with regulations for DOT (US road and rail), IATA (air), IMDG (water), TDG (Canada road and rail), EPA (air, water, waste), and more.

We have a certified ISO auditor on staff to help your company achieve ISO compliance if applicable to your facility.

Classroom & Hands-On Training

We have experienced trainers to teach your staff: IATA, IMDG, TDG, DOT, EPA, tank car loading/unloading, safe package handling, railroad operating rules, and others.

We do not believe in teaching your staff chapter and verse of the CFR – we love this work and even we think that’s boring! Instead, we will teach your employees how to do their jobs in a manner so that it’s done correctly, safely, and in compliance with the regulations every time.

Every STARS training program is designed specifically for your operation so we do not waste your time on things that you will never deal with and do not need to learn. This ensures the program is cost-effective for you and time well spent for your staff.

We believe that solid, reliable training programs should also include a hands-on portion so that your employees can learn in a way that works best for them and can see the principles we teach in action. We provide this hands-on training at your location so that your employees can see how the principles we teach actually apply to what they do every day.

Regulatory Litigation Support

Have you been the subject of a DOT or EPA enforcement case? Do not pay another fine until you speak to us! We may be able to have your fine reduced or eliminated altogether. We have saved our clients millions of dollars in fines throughout the years.

Do you need an expert witness for an upcoming civil case? Perhaps we can help. We have experience analyzing information, testifying, and preparing cases for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Site Assessments

If you own or are buying property, we will inspect your site to ensure it is free from contaminants, dumped chemicals, etc. and assist you in the mitigation of any contaminants which are identified.

Hazardous Waste Management

These regulations can be very confusing and difficult to navigate. Let us help you obtain the permits you need, properly store and dispose of your waste, and be sure you are in compliance to avoid bigger problems down the road. We can also train your staff to understand these regulations and maintain your compliance program.


We offer STARS-designed Safety Posters and How-To Manuals to give employees visual reminders of safe practices or steps to follow in a process. Both the Posters and the Manuals are designed to complement your safety and training programs.

Any publication can be customized for your operation, your needs and your industry.

Security Plans

We can design a new security plan for your plant or terminal or strengthen your existing plan. We will ensure your security plan is practical and uncomplicated but still provides the safety and security you desire for your location and your products, both on your plant or in transportation. We will craft it so that it meets your needs as well as minimum federal standards.

 Write or Become a Party to Special Permits

A new special permit or becoming a party to an existing one can bring your company some economic relief by granting you permission to find ways to comply with regulatory requirements that make sense for your business in a way that’s equally safe. 

Tank Car or Rail Car Storage

We have the capacity to store your loaded or residue hazmat cars. We will replace placards, perform basic repairs and maintenance as well as ensure the security of your fleet.

Does your current storage location have a security plan for your HM loads or residues? If not you may be subject to fines under the HMR!!!

Railroad Tank Car Design, Specification, & Inspection

Planning to buy or lease a brand new fleet of tank cars? We can help you design the cars to meet your exact needs then inspect them at various stages of production to ensure you get a quality car that meets your expectations and all AAR rules or federal regulations. This is a huge investment and one design or construction error can cost you dearly. Don’t let that happen to you…we have the expertise and experience to help prevent serious defects in your new tank car fleet.

We have saved our clients approximately $95 million in repairs and fines for errors we have identified in tank car design or construction. Don’t make the same mistakes…

Fleet Management

If you are planning to lease your own fleet of rail cars or highway trucks, please talk to us about our “standard car concept” to ensure consistency with loading and unloading procedures, reducing the likelihood of non-accident releases, as well as reduce maintenance costs and overhead. We can help you decide which cars you need and select the appropriate valves, fittings, and closures for your operation; we will also inspect the cars before you sign on the dotted line to ensure your new fleet will perform to your expectations for a long time to come.

We will create an owners’ manual or playbook for your fleet to give your staff an easy-to-follow process to ensure your cars are in good repair, in compliance with the regulations and in proper condition for transport.

Obtain One-Time Movement Approvals (OTMA)

We can help you understand the new OTMA requirements or file the OTMA for you. Get the product moving again now and allow us to help you be certain that you will not need another OTMA for the same reason in the future.