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November 7, 2022: Evacuations Ordered Following Chemical Plant Fire

Photo by: Glynn County Sheriff’s Office

Around 4:00 this morning, explosions and flames erupted from the Symrise Chemical Plant in Brunswick, GA. Nearby neighborhoods were ordered to evacuate. Emergency responders were able to safely evacuate the plant employees who were working when the fire started.
Authorities said “multiple explosions at a chemical plant on Colonel’s Island have led to a fire.” The cause of the explosions is currently under investigation. The plant produces fragrances, flavoring, and other ingredients for foods and cosmetics.
Firefighters have contained the blaze and will allow it to burn out at this point. Authorities have not said when the evacuation order will be lifted.
Symrise said in a statement to Fox News Digital, “Given first estimates, no one got injured and there is no danger to employees or residents. Local fire brigades and police fully control the situation on site. The fire occurred during the regular production hours for the manufacture of fragrance ingredients. Currently Symrise has no reason to believe that the fire will cause additional health hazards to the local community.”

Symrise Chemical Plant in Georgia rocked by ‘multiple explosions,’ fire: police

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