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May 12, 2022: Chemical Fire in Midland, TX Injures One

Photo by Tim Van

A chemical fire erupted near Impact Chemical Technologies in Midland, TX on Wednesday. Multiple fire departments across Midland and Martin County responded to the incident.
Midland County Fire Marshal, Justin Bunch, said “They were mixing or off-loading some chemical and somehow, it ignited. We got two flammable liquids involved – toluene and methanol.” Authorities are investigating why the chemicals were being mixed. One person was sent to the hospital to get treatment for flash burns.
Firefighters were able to get the fire under control within two hours. Authorities said no structures were damaged during the fire but one vehicle was a total loss.
According to the fire marshal, crews remained at the scene over night to monitor for hot spots. “They’re still working on that. The issue we have right now is an alcohol-based product. The foam we use for structure fires or petroleum fires like tank batteries doesn’t work as well with this type of fire. They get the fire out, and then it reignites.”

A chemical fire in Midland County sent one person to the hospital Wednesday night.

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