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May 16, 2022: Chemical Spill in PA Sends Several People to Hospital

A tractor-trailer hauling pool chemicals overturned on Bangor Mountain Road on Monday. The accident caused the chemicals to spill. Stroud Township Fire Chief, Bill Unruh, stated “We had multiple patients, firefighters having to be deconned and cleared and sent to the hospital to be monitored for their conditions. So there was a little bit of an inhalation hazard. Most of the guys have been treated and released as far as I’m aware.”
Local residents are concerned about the creek located near the accident site. Brenda Ricco lives near the scene. She said “This is a protected creek. This is all part of the National Wildlife Refugee here, and that creek starts up there and goes all the way down into the river. I’m not leaving. If it’s that bad that we have to leave, then you better do something about it.”
Officials are monitoring the creek but at this time they believe the chemicals didn’t reach the waterway.

Hazmat crews work to contain spill after truck crash

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