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August 18, 2021: Two Groups of Doctors and Nurses Put up Billboards in B.C. Warning People About the Dangers of Liquified Natural Gas

Photo: Dr. Melissa Lem

Two groups of Canadian medical professionals purchased billboards to warn people about the dangerous impacts of natural gas and fracking.

The group states “During the extraction and transportation processes, fracking and its infrastructure also pollute the air, land and water in the Peace region, use vast quantities of freshwater, overtake B.C.’s valuable farmland and worsen the health of families, farmers and Indigenous peoples locally and downstream. [Liquified natural gas] is an outsized climate-change culprit.”

The billboards, located near the BC Ferries’ Tsawwassen terminal, are part of the Unnatural Gas Campaign. The Unnatural Gas Campaign is seeking, in part, a moratorium on fracking expansion and an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

Dr. Kevin Liang, of the University of British Columbia, said “Natural gas has significant health impacts for those living close by the wells and for our global environment. [The concern] comes from seeing our patients being affected by climate change every single day.”

Doctors, nurses post billboards near B.C. ferry terminal to warn of harmful impacts of liquefied natural gas

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