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August 13, 2021: Two CP Freight Trains Collide in Calgary

Two Canadian Pacific freight trains collided in Calgary on Wednesday evening. During the derailment, around 19,000 liters (5,019 gallons) of diesel fuel spilled. Man-made berms prevented the fuel from reaching the nearby canal. A two-man crew was operating one of the trains. The other train involved was being remote controlled.

The TS stated “A CP assignment was proceeding westward when it collided head-on with a remote-controlled locomotive system assignment. Two locomotives and seven rail cars derailed. One locomotive leaked an unknown amount of diesel fuel.”

The press secretary for Minister Jason Nixon said the derailment “had no impacts to waterways or a nearby City of Calgary storm sewer. However, a section of the Western Irrigation Canal.” The canal is approximately 50 feet from the released diesel. The canal did require protection from the released fuel but those efforts were completed by morning. The clean-up efforts for the spilled grain will be completed later today.

About 19,000 litres of diesel fuel spilled in southeast Calgary train derailment: fire department

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