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April 9, 2019: Wendy Buckley Nominated for Influential Businesswoman Award

STARS is proud to announce that our President & CEO, Wendy Buckley, was nominated for The 2019 Influential Businesswoman Award hosted by Acquisition International.

Acquisition International states “The Influential Businesswoman Awards returns for its fourth year to add their voice to the masses who believe gender equality is the only solution for a sustainable global economy. Promoting and encouraging women to take part in entrepreneurial endeavours and providing opportunities in market-based enterprises can be pivotal to lifting communities across the world. Bearing this in mind, we recognise that female entrepreneurs still face many challenges. These include limited access to financing, training and business networks, in addition to the uncertain job markets and fluctuating economies shared with their male counterparts. Considering these additional burdens, it seems imperative to recognise and celebrate the achievements made by businesswomen globally…..”

Influential Businesswoman Awards

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