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June 19, 2018: Officials Work to Contain Environmental Threats from Train Derailment

The State Fire Marshal’s office and CSX are working together to monitor air quality and cleanup efforts surrounding the derailment and subsequent explosion in Indiana on Sunday evening.
According to Princeton Fire Chief Mike Pflug both propane and petroleum cars were burning along with cars carrying frozen french fries.
The Indiana Department of Environmental Management said the remaining propane that was not consumed by the fire will be flared off in a controlled burn. It does not appear that any surface water was affected but samples will be taken of the groundwater and soil surrounding the crash site to ensure there is no negative impact on the environment.
Laura Phelps, a spokeswoman for CSX, said evacuated residents were able to return to their homes Monday afternoon. She went on to say “This decision was made after reviewing the results of highly sensitive air-quality monitoring and closely consulting with safety and emergency management experts on site. These experts do not anticipate any adverse impacts to returning residents.”

Officials work to contain environmental threats from train derailment

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