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June 20, 2018: CSX Accepting Inconvenience Expense Applications from Evacuated Residents and Businesses in Princeton, Indiana

CSX has begun accepting inconvenience expense applications from residents and business owners that were forced to evacuate when a train derailed in Gibson County Indiana on Sunday.
Anyone affected by the evacuation order is asked to fill out and submit the CSX Assistance Form along with a copy of their drivers license or other government-issued identification, proof of residency (a current utility bill), receipts for all expenses that they are claiming (hotel bill, food receipts), and proof of lost earnings (note from employer).
Once the CSX assistance form has been downloaded and completed they should be mailed along with any supporting documentation or receipts to:

CSX Transportation Inc.
Attention: Cindy Beggs
500 Water Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

CSX now accepting inconvenience expense applications, in connection with derailment evacuation

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