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June 13, 2018: CSX Settles Discrimination Lawsuit for $3.2 million

CSX has reached a settlement agreement with The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on a lawsuit filed against CSX last year accusing the company of unlawful employment practices that discriminated against women.
The lawsuit claimed CSX was administering physical capability tests that prevented women from being hired for several positions including conductor, entry-level signal maintainer, track worker, car worker and various utility positions.
U.S. District Judge Robert Chambers dismissed the lawsuit after CSX agreed to a $3.2 million settlement and has ordered the company to discontinue the “IPCS Biodex” test. In addition, Judge Chambers instructed CSX to hire expert consultants to conduct scientific studies before adopting certain types of physical abilities testing programs during the hiring process.
Following the dismissal, EEOC District Director Jamie R. Williamson said “The EEOC will continue to carefully examine employer testing and screening practices to identify those that operate as systemic barriers to employment based on protected characteristics. Workers who believe they are being subjected to the discriminatory effects of such practices should bring them to the attention of the EEOC.”

CSX settles discrimination lawsuit for $3.2 million

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