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July 19, 2022: EPA Claims Kansas Company Intentionally Dumped Hazmat in Sewer

Disposable Instrument Company in Johnson County

The Environmental Protection Agency is accusing Disposable Instrument Company of intentionally dumping hazardous materials into a local sewer system. A complaint was filed on Thursday claiming the company began bypassing a wastewater treatment system in 2016.
Additionally, EPA is accusing Brian Chansky, President of Disposable Instrument Company, of a criminal offense for violations of the Clean Water Act. If convicted, Mr. Chansky faces 3 years in prison.
The complaint states Disposable Instrument Company produces medical and surgical instruments through a process that includes heavy metals. The wastewater from that process should have gone through a three sectioned tank with filters and other chemicals before going into the sewer.

Johnson County manufacturer knowingly dumped hazardous materials into sewer, EPA says

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