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July 14, 2022: Substantial Gas Leak in Loudon County

A pipeline leak at Colonial Pipeline spilled almost 25,000 gallons of gasoline in Loudon County on July 4th. The company said a valve failure on Line 18 was the cause of the leak. The line was shut down once the leak was discovered but 24,822 gallons of gasoline spilled in the area of Sugarlimb Road.
Colonial Pipeline is monitoring the air and water in the surrounding area. Additional measures were also taken to protect the closest waterways – including Hubbard Branch Stream and the Tennessee River. A company spokesperson said “At this time, Colonial and its partners are focused on response efforts. The safety of our employees and our community and the protection of the environment are our top priorities. Colonial will work with our regulators and industry partners to study this incident and determine the cause. We will take learnings from our investigations and implement measures in the future to help prevent an incident of this nature from happening again.” Colonial Pipeline set up a website dedicated to the response efforts to the Loudon County spill.

Colonial Pipeline leak spills estimated 24,800 gallons of gasoline in Loudon County on July 4

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