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May 2, 2022: Chemical Spill at GEO Specialty Chemical Plant in PA


Authorities responded to a chemical spill at the GEO Specialty Chemical Plant in South Whitehall Township, PA on Sunday morning. Local residents reported smelling fabric softener in the area for several hours. Residents within a mile of the plant were asked to shelter in place temporarily.
Hazmat crews determined the chemical spilled was a mixture of biphenyl and diphenyl oxide, which creates a synthetic thermal fluid. The chemical can cause respiratory problems, skin irritation, and organ toxicity.
The South Whitehall Township Police Department issued the following statement. “Citizens who live or are traveling through the area may smell the unusual odor in the air of the plant. However, the spill has been contained and a cleanup is in process.”

Police investigate chemical spill smelling like ‘fabric softener’ at South Whitehall plant

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