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March 18, 2022: 4,000 Barrels of Oil Spilled into Creek in Edwardsville, Ill

Crews remain on-site in Edwardsville, Ill continuing cleanup efforts following an oil spill on Monday morning. Authorities do not know what caused the spill at this time but they believe around 4,000 barrels of oil has leaked into the Cahokia Creek, which runs parallel to the pipeline. The damages have since been repaired and federal authorities have authorized restart of the pipeline.
Boom barriers have been deployed to prevent the remaining oil from spreading further in the water.
Marathon Pipeline brought in experts to help with the rescue and rehabilitation of local wildlife affected by the oil spill. They have also announced that they will be covering expenses for wildlife rehabilitation. The company is currently using an “audible deterrent” to keep animals out of the impacted area.

Marathon pipeline repaired in Edwardsville, cleanup continues after oil spill

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