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December 16, 2020: Second Train Derailment in Rumford, ME in Under a Week

Four railcars derailed in Rumford, Maine on Monday evening near the intersection of Rt. 108 and Wyman Hill Road. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection and The Rumford Fire Department both responded to the incident but determined no hazardous materials were involved. There were no injuries reported.
Fire Chief, Chris Reed, stated “We haven’t had one (derailment) in a long time, and we had two in a week. Apparently, the track broke, which caused the derailment.”
The previous derailment occurred on December 11th at ND Paper. There were no hazardous materials involved in the incident and no injuries were reported. The derailment involved two boxcars filled with paper and one empty tank car.

Four railroad cars derail in Rumford, the second derailment in less than a week

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