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October 26, 2020: Train Derails into Backyard of Home in Pennsylvania

An oil tanker car crashed into the backyard of a family home in Centre Township, PA on Monday morning. The car, owned by Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad, detailed from a track siding, which splits from the main track near Main Street in Mohrsville. The siding ends abruptly just before Bellemans Church Road on a small bridge over Irish Creek.
The homeowner, Kellee Younker, said “After getting the mail and pulling into the driveway, something looked funny. I was shocked to see it was in out yardI see them time to time on their walkie-talkies backing up the cars, so I’m not sure what happened today.It doesn’t bother me that the railroad is here, but it’s kinda like my worst nightmare that a train is going to run into my yard. It’s a little shocking, but it’s not as bad as it could be.” There were no injuries reported and early reports suggest the tank car was empty. The cause of the derailment is under investigation.

Train Car Derails into Backyard of Centre Township Home

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