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September 10, 2019: Train Conductor Killed in Collision with Semi Truck

A train conductor was killed during a collision with a tractor trailer on Friday afternoon. 36 year old Bruce Dominique Jr. was pronounced dead approximately 30 minutes after the accident.
The Shreveport Fire Department was the first  unit on the scene when they found one person, later identified through fingerprints as Mr. Dominique Jr., trapped in the cab of the semi truck. The driver of the truck managed to escape with only minor injuries.
According to police investigators, the conductor was walking next to the moving train when the semi truck failed to stop at the railroad crossing and was struck by the train. The force of the impact caused the truck’s trailer to pivot and trapped the conductor between the train and the cab of the truck.
Investigators are asking the public to avoid the area around West 70th street and Kennedy Drive until the investigation and cleanup has been completed.

Train conductor killed in collision with semi truck

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