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July 25, 2019: Mandatory January 1, 2020: Lithium Battery Test Summary

Effective January 1, 2020 manufacturers and distributors of lithium cell batteries are going to be required to make a lithium battery test summary available to shippers and consumers. The purpose of the testing is to ensure all batteries are in good condition for transportation and will prevent counterfeit batteries that haven’t been properly tested from entering the logistics chain.
The test summary will need to include critical safety information about their batteries such as:

  • Name of cell, battery or product manufacturer, as applicable;
  • Cell, battery or product manufacturers contact information to include address, phone number,
    email address and website for more information
  • Name of test laboratory to include address, phone number, email address and website for more
  • A unique test report identification number
  • Date of test report
  • Description of cell or battery to include at a minimum;
    o Lithium ion or lithium metal cell or battery
    o Mass;
    o Watt-hour rating or lithium content
    o Physical description of the cell/battery; and
    o Model numbers
    o List of tests conducted and results (i.e., pass/fail)
  • Reference to the assembled battery or testing requirements, if applicable (i.e. 38.3.3 (f) and
    38.3.3 (g));
  • Reference to the revised edition of the Manual of Tests and Criteria used and to amendments
    thereto, if any; and
  • Signature with name and title of signatory as an indication of the validity of information

Lithium Cell and Battery Test Summary

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