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May 31, 2019: Train Derailment in Wellington

A CSX train consisting of 119 cars derailed in Wellington, Ohio.  A fire broke
out forcing streets to close and lead to a 3 to 4 day clean up.
Bryan Duta, a resident who was outside when the train derailed, said he saw a wheel come off the third or fourth car of the train.
Crystal Burns, another resident, said “I looked outside and saw wheels coming
off the train. Then I saw the pileup and sparks were flying.”
Firefighters worked throughout the day as small puffs of smoke continued
to be seen.
Diesel fuel leaked into the ground but no hazardous materials were
involved. Bill Brown, the Wellington Assistant Fire Chief said city utilities are monitoring the sewer, but that it doesn’t pose any harm and that the diesel fuel is contained.
Mayor Hans Schneider said “It seems like this was the best-case scenario of a bad situation.”
The tracks on which the derailment occurred will be replaced before they re-open. Ohio Highway Patrol will be handling the investigation.

Cleanup underway, cause still undetermined in Wellington train derailment

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