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May 31, 2019: Millersburg company fined for hazardous materials violations

SRC Worldwide, which operates a waste-reprocessing plant in Millersburg, Ohio, was fined $12,300 by the Department of Environmental Quality.
The company uses anhydrous magnesium in the manufacture of plastics and metal refining. SRC stored 39 of the 55-gallon drums, called metal rejects, totaling 18,000 pounds of material at the Arnold site. A DEQ inspection found that they did not have a permit to store product at this site and found that the drums were not properly labeled or dated. During the inspection it was also discovered that one of the drums had been left uncovered and SRC did not have a contingency plan in place for this facility.
In the notice DEQ wrote, they stated “The metal rejects are capable, under standard temperature and pressure, of causing fire through absorption of moisture or spontaneous chemical changes, and when ignited, burn so vigorously and persistently that it creates a hazard. Additionally, the metal rejects can react violently with water. Although SRC has not historically had any issues managing this material, several fires and a fatality have occurred at similar facilities managing magnesium chloride.”
The DEQ stated that this is a Class 1 violation, their most serious one. They are assessing a fine, and SRC has to provide a detailed written plan for managing the material in the future.
SRC has already taken steps to correct the violation since the inspection. Employee training and developing a contingency plan are helping to lower the risk.

Millersburg company fined for hazardous materials violations

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