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October 29, 2018: No Health Threat from Zanesville Train Derailment

The Zanesville Fire Department responded to a derailment Saturday night on the Ohio Central Railroad near the Muskingum Iron and Metal in Zanesville, Ohio. Jeff Jadwin, the county’s Director of Emergency Management, said the train was carrying construction debris and human waste from the New Jersey/New York area. After inspecting the dozen rail cars that tipped or left the track it was determined that no hazardous material was spilled or leaking from any of the involved cars. “The concern was that hazardous material may be leaking that’s why I was called in. There is nothing leaking and I found nothing that is of concern.”
Heavy equipment is being brought in to clear the tracks but it is unclear how long that will take. The tracks will remain closed until all of the debris has been removed.

No health threat from train derailment

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