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The HazMat Helpdesk is a one-year subscription paid monthly, or take advantage of discounted rates by paying semi-annually or annually.

STARS has the experience and expertise with all classes of hazardous materials & hazardous waste and by all modes of transportation (rail, ground, air, sea and pipline) & storage.


For just $995 per month, you can have access to our experts anytime you need them. 

Some of our clients have subscribed to this service for many years. It has become an integral part of their compliance program. 

Here are some examples of how a few of our clients choose to use their HazMat Helpdesk Subscription:

  1. A railcar owner works with STARS to better understand the materials their customers will put in their cars and how it will affect the long-term life and viability of their assets.
  2. A manufacturer of labels and hazcom products consults with STARS to ensure they understand the regulatory requirements, the changes, and how the industry uses the products they are producing to ensure they are always providing a top-quality product to their customers.
  3. A hazardous materials warehouse consults with STARS when they take on new inventory to ensure they are meeting all DOT, OSHA, and EPA(RCRA) regulations, as well as local fire codes.

How Can The HazMat Helpdesk Help You?

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