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December 19, 2022: Bluestone Coke Fined $925,000 for Air Pollution Violations

Bluestone Coke, an Alabama company owned by the family of WV Gov. Jim Justice, has been ordered to pay $925,000 to the Jefferson County Health Department for air pollution violations. The plant, located in Birmingham, AL, was shut down in Oct. 2021 after it was determined to be leaking polluting gases. Following the shutdown, the health department sued the plant for damages, calling the plant a “menace to public health”.
The settlement would allow Bluestone Coke to seek a permit to reopen. However, the plant would need to install two monitors to detect sulfur dioxide and hire an independent auditor to conduct bimonthly compliance checks for two years. 
The settlement also designates half of the proceeds from the fine to benefit local neighborhoods. Residents are encouraged to weigh in on potential projects.

Alabama plant owned by W.V. governor’s family fined $925,000

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