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November 16, 2022: Diesel Oil Spilled into Sacramento Pond

Photo by: OSPR

Authorities are estimating as much as 5,000 gallons of diesel spilled into North Natomas Tanzanite Community Park pond. According to California Fish and Wildlife officials, a fuel tank for a generator overflowed at a nearby building. The fuel tank, which had a 10,000 gallon capacity, spilled into a storm drain a mile upstream and then directly into the pond. Emergency responders have deployed absorbents and are using a vacuum truck to clean as much of the diesel out of the retention pond as possible.
California Fish and Wildlife Officer Angel Tapia, said “It is very unsafe. We’ve got petroleum product in the water. We don’t want any of their dogs or kids to be impacted by it. The main focus is our wildlife and making sure that the pond gets cleaned up.” Cleanup efforts are expected to continue for weeks.

“It is very unsafe”: Wildlife experts rescue 5 birds after major oil spill in Natomas

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