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November 4, 2022: Large Gasoline Spill at Indiana Gas Station

Emergency crews responded to a Bloomington, IN gas station on Monday after authorities received reports of a “strong hydrocarbon odor” in the area. An investigation uncovered a large gasoline spill coming from an underground holding tank. The gasoline drained into a nearby sewer.
Bloomington officials drained the remaining gasoline from the tank and began the clean-up process. Local residents are asked to avoid the area.
In July 2021, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management issued several violations following an inspection. GPM Investments, the company that owns the gas station, received violations for failure to have overfill prevention equipment installed properly and a failure to perform periodic testing of overfill equipment.
In October, IDEM noted a discrepancy in the piping at the same location. GPM claimed it installed Omniflex piping but IDEM found proof that Enviroflex piping was used instead. Enviroflex piping has been found to degrade and has been the subject of lawsuits in several states.

IDEM investigating fuel spill at Bloomington Marathon station that poisoned sewer

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