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October 14, 2022: Chemical Plant Owner Must Pay to Cleanup Maine River

The former owner of HoltraChem has been ordered to pay between $187-$267 million to clean up the Penobscot River. The now defunct chemical plant was located in Orrington, Maine. The plant was responsible for discharging as much as 12 metric tons of mercury between 1967 and the early 1970’s.
The former owner, Mallinckrodt U.S. LLC, previously spent millions of dollars to clean up the 235 acres surrounding the plant and paying for court ordered studies.
A federal judge found the owner responsible for the cleanup in 2015 but the legal battle continued. Court papers from this settlement said “the settlement means the parties in the case believe that it is in their mutual interest to resolve their differences regarding remediation issues and move forward cooperatively and productively with remediation actions intended to reduce mercury exposures and accelerate the recovery of the Penobscot River estuary.”

Chemical plant owner to pay more than $180M for pollution in Maine

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