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October 3, 2022: (NPRM) FRA Revising Training Requirements

FRA issued a notice of proposed rulemaking that focuses on amendments to the regulations regarding training, qualification, and oversight for safety-related railroad employees.
FRA is planning to revise the definitions of refresher training and training organizations or learning institutions. The agency’s proposed definition of refresher training explains the purpose of this type of training is to improve the job performance of existing employees by acquainting them with any problematic issues or new skills, methods, and processes.
The proposed changes to the refresher training requirements would clarify what employers need to include, at a minimum, to complete acceptable refresher training. Additionally, the agency would like to add the definition of ‘training organizations or learning institutions’ to address an issue FRA is currently answering through guidance. The definition would identifies four characteristics of a training organization or learning institution.

FRA Issues Training Revision NPRM

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