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September 6, 2022: Freight Train Derailed in Hampton, Iowa

Photo by: Derek Gearheart

A Union Pacific freight train derailed in Hampton, Iowa on Monday morning. A total of 44 cars derailed. The derailment occurred around 3:30 am as the train was crossing a bridge over Otter Creek. The bridge was destroyed during the derailment and caused the train to spill asphalt into the creek. There were no injuries reported. The cause of the derailment is currently under investigation.
Robynn Tysver, a spokesperson for Union Pacific, said “During that derailment, some of the tank cars were carrying asphalt, and we had a spill. We have more than 50 personnel on site. We have more en-route. The focus right now is going to be on cleanup and then the focus will return to remediation.”

Train derailment spills asphalt into creek near Hampton

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