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August 29, 2022: FMCSA Lifts HOS Rule Following Refinery Shutdown

A fire at the BP Whiting refinery in Chicago last week has lead to the refinery shutting down temporarily. In response to the shutdown, FMCSA has announced it will temporarily suspend the hours of service rule for drivers providing “direct assistance supporting emergency relief efforts” by hauling gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel or other refined petroleum products to Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
The Whiting Refinery is BP’s largest in the world. A fire on Wednesday caused a loss of power which impacted the site’s cooling water systems. There is no estimated date for the refinery to come back online.
The HOS exemption will remain in effect until September 10, 2022. FMCSA released a statement saying “This Declaration addresses the emergency conditions creating a need for immediate transportation of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel and provides necessary relief. USDOT’s top priority is safety, and while current circumstances dictate providing industry flexibility, FMCSA has notified and will work closely with its state and industry partners to monitor driver work hours and conditions for the duration of the exemption.”

Refinery shutdown pushes FMCSA to temporarily lift hours-of-service rules

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