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August 24, 2022: Diesel Fuel Spilled into Detroit River

Photo courtesy EPA

Residents reported seeing an oil sheen on the Detroit River on Monday afternoon. Officials determined a red-dye diesel was released into a storm drain system. The property owners are cooperating with authorities. The company responsible for the spill has not been released but they will be responsible for the clean-up. Over the next few days they will drain and “jet the sewer lines” to remove any residual diesel fuel.
EPA released the following statement: “On Tuesday, August 23, the city of Trenton inspected the storm sewer and identified considerable sheen on the river, concluding it would not be from rain runoff. Boom was placed at the outfall of the river and after an exhaustive search, the city traced the diesel across the parking lot to an underground storage tank on the hospital property. The city notified EPA and the agency responded on site that day to assist. The company also plugged the sewer and began to remove seaweed from the Detroit River containing oil. Air monitoring around the site and in the manholes shows no respiratory hazards exist from the oil.”

EPA: Diesel fuel spill into Detroit River from Trenton, is contained

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