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August 9, 2022: Massive Industrial Fire at Oil Terminal in Cuba

A massive fire erupted at Cuba’s main oil terminal in Matanzas on Saturday. Officials said the fire was initially caused by a fuel spill from a damaged tank. The fire spread from one tank to another, causing the islands largest oil industry accident in decades. Authorities are struggling to contain the flames as explosions continue to rock the facility.
The fire has spread to and collapsed three crude oil storage tanks. A fourth storage tank is threatened but has not caught fire yet. One firefighter has died and 16 people were missing.
Mario Sabines, Governor of the Matanzas province, said ” flames spread like an Olympic torch from one tank to the next, turning each into a caldron encompassing the area. Tackling the situation is increasingly complicated as three tanks were covered with flames and billowing black smoke.

Efforts Continue to Put Out Industrial Fire in Cuba

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