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August 3, 2022: Chemical Spills into Huron River

Local residents are being asked to avoid the Huron River following a dangerous chemical spill. On Monday afternoon, officials discovered a significant amount of hexavalent chromium had been released from the Wixom Sewage Treatment Facility.
The beach, lake, splash pad, and Kensington Metropark are all closed while an investigation is underway. MDHHS Environmental Public Health Director Kory Groetsch said “We want people to know that in the meantime, we’re recommending don’t contact the water and just let us find out what’s going on, and then we’ll come back and let them know as soon as possible what the next steps are.”
It is estimated that several thousand gallons of the carcinogen were discharged into the sewer system, which then enters the Huron River Watershed.
Officials have stated the warning does not affect the local drinking water available to residents. However, residents are asked not to come into contact with the Huron River, avoid eating fish caught in the river, and not to water plants or lawns with water taken from the river.

Wixom plant reportedly spills hexavalent chromium into portion of Huron River

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