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July 14, 2022: CSX Hit with Large Fine for Serious Safety Violations

OSHA cited CSX with nine serious safety violations resulting from an explosion at one of the company’s coal terminals in Baltimore last year. The agency issued more than $120,000 in fines. The explosion occurred on December 30, 2021 at the Curtis Bay Coal Piers facility.
An inspection by OSHA uncovered serious safety violations at the facility. It was determined that workers were allowed to enter hazardous tunnels without respirators, they were using equipment in the tunnels that was not safe to use in hazardous areas, the air in the tunnels was not tested before employees entered, and for providing inadequate training and emergency planning.
A spokesperson for the railroad said “CSX has been in communication with OSHA regarding its June 29th letter [which outlined the violations] and are scheduled to discuss the alleged violations with the agency.” CSX will have until July 26, 2022 to contest the citations.

CSX cited for serious violations in explosion at Baltimore coal facility

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