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July 13, 2022: Substantial Fuel Spill in Annapolis Creek

Before and after photo shows how the red dye diesel fuel was contained and vacuumed
Image: USCG Mid-Atlantic

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) responded to a substantial diesel fuel spill in Annapolis on Monday. The agency said around 200 gallons of red dyed #2 fuel oil spilled into the creek near Acton Cove Waterfront Park. on Spa Creek.
Officials deployed 600 feet of sorbent sweeps. These sweeps are meant to easily attach to sorbent booms and catch any oil sheen that lingers behind. The remaining oil was later vacuumed up. An investigation into the source of the leak is underway.
Petty Officer First Class Cynthia Oldham, a USCG external affairs specialist, said  “There is a small residual amount that should dissipate over the next day or so. o help alleviate the odor, which is not an environmental concern but may be a nuisance for people nearby, a crew is doing a low pressure flush away from the cove into more open water to help the residual product naturally degrade and break down more quickly.”

Diesel Spill in Annapolis’s Spa Creek

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