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July 11, 2022: Two Railroad Employees Injured in Derailment

The scene of a train derailment in Columbia. TRACY GLANTZ

A Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in Columbia, SC this morning. Two railroad employees were injured during the derailment and were taken to a local hospital.
The Columbia-Richmond Fire Department responded to the scene around 8:20 this morning. A diesel leak was detected but has since been cleaned up.
The cause of the derailment is currently under investigation. The accident occurred in a rural area and poses no danger to the public.
Norfolk Southern spokesman Connor Spielmaker said “Norfolk Southern is grateful to the first responders in Columbia for their quick response and taking care of our crew who remain at a local hospital. We have responded to the scene with additional personnel and partners to begin the cleanup and repairs to reopen the track, and appreciate the public’s patience during this process.”

Two railway employees hospitalized after SC train derailment

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