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July 7, 2022: Tennessee Just Experienced Its 2nd Largest Crude Oil Spill

A ruptured pipeline in Henderson, Tennessee lead to the second largest oil spill in the state’s history. The Mid-Valley Pipeline Company said the spill dumped over 200,000 gallons of crude oil.
Chester County EMA Director, Johny Farris, said “What happened is the pipeline was hit by the mower, and of course, it started leaking oil and breached it and the oil started flowing, which would be east from here, would be out of the woods into what is called Horse Creek, which runs north and south. There’s been 3,742 barrels cleaned up, plus probably there’s several in the 80,000 gallons of water and the oil mixed that will have to be separated. And oil will come out of that. So there was a lot of oil spilled. They’ve been monitoring air quality to make sure everything was okay. They’ve monitored the water quality. They’re making sure there’s nothing affecting any public health issues. And so far, there’s been no public health concerns at all. No one had to be evacuated. Everybody stayed home, and so there’s not no real issues as far as the public needs to be concerned about.”

Tennessee just had its second-largest crude oil spill ever, with 200,000 gallons leaking into rural town

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