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June 13, 2022: Explosion at Texas LNG Liquefaction Facility

Surveillance video footage posted to Facebook by Quintana Beach County Park

Authorities responded to a massive explosion and fire at Freeport LNG’s Export Terminal in Texas on Wednesday. Officials have said the fire and “release” from the explosion were quickly contained. The plant is expected to be closed for at least three weeks. An investigation into the cause of the explosion is underway.
The Freeport LNG Export Terminal is one of the largest LNG export plants in the country. An industry analyst told Reuters that the shut down could take as much as 1 million tons of LNG off the market.
Local residents are voicing their concerns. Harold Doty claims “there is still no emergency action plan for that plant. Originally, the plant said that people on the island should go to the beach and have the Coast Guard pick them up in boats. Freeport LNG really doesn’t care about us. This is not the first fire. There are often fire alarms at the plant that I can hear from my house. I can never get any explanation when I call, so I’ve quit calling.”
Citizens for Clean Air and Clean Water in Brazoria County and the Texas Campaign for the Environment issued the following statement after the explosion. “The oil and gas industry has been benefiting from an ‘export boom’ that is sending gas and crude oil overseas in record amounts, but has resulted in leaks, explosions, and wrecked communities back home—from flaring and pollution in the Permian Basin to explosions like the one today on Quintana Island. Officials rarely disclose the contents of the tanks that explode, leaving local residents to just have to wonder whether or not they are in danger. The boom is also jeopardizing global climate agreements, as the window to rein in emissions is closing.”

‘This Is Terrifying’: Explosion at Texas Gas Plant Spotlights Threat of LNG Industry

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