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May 27, 2022: Derailment in PA Sends 3 to the Hospital

A Norfolk Southern freight train slammed into a large construction vehicle in Allegheny County, PA on Thursday. The construction vehicle was attempting to cross the tracks to enter the sewage treatment plant when the accident occurred. The truck driver and both train employees were transported to a local hospital.
Seventeen cars derailed and nine of those fell off the train bridge into the Deer Creek. Four of the cars that went into the water were oil tankers. The other five cars were buffer cars. Two cars that remained on land were found to be leaking oil.
Authorities expect Freeport Road and boat traffic to be shut down for several days while crews clean-up the scene. River traffic on the Allegheny River has been stopped from the wreck site to The Point in Pittsburgh.
Authorities have said there was no warning lights, railroad arms, or signage where the construction vehicle was crossing. Authorities stated it was not a citizen’s normal crossing, it is only used to access the sewage plant.
Officials have deployed booms where Deer Creek meets the Allegheny River to prevent the spilled oil from contaminating the river.

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