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May 13, 2022: Capsized Boat Spilled Diesel into North Sea Harbor

A capsized boat spilled diesel fuel into North Sea Harbor on Friday morning.  DANA SHAW

A 35-foot trawler capsized and spilled an unknown amount of diesel fuel into a creek at the mouth of New York’s North Sea Harbor on Friday morning. Peter Topping, the Peconic Baykeeper, said “There’s a sheen of diesel from the shellfish hatchery all the way up into the creek.”
Topping went on to say “Fortunately, we’re still at the end of the incoming tide and we have an east wind, so it seems contained in the creek for now. What concerns me is when the tide switches and getting this all contained by then, so it doesn’t end up out in the harbor.”
Officials have deployed booms around the boat to contain the spilled fuel. Additional booms were also deployed to cordon off the creek in an effort to prevent the diesel fuel from reaching the harbor.

Scramble To Contain Fuel Spill In North Sea Harbor

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