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May 13, 2022: Houston Trucking Company Declared Imminent Hazard

FMCSA has declared Jaypur Logistics LLC an imminent hazard. The Houston based trucking company has been ordered to cease all interstate and intrastate commerce immediately.
During multiple roadside inspections, Jaypur Logistics LLC was found to be “egregiously noncompliant” with a list of federal safety regulations. Additionally, the company was cited for a “severe lack of oversite of its operations”. According to FMCSA, the company could not identify the majority of its drivers or vehicles currently operating under its name. The company claimed to be unaware that its drivers were even hauling hazardous materials.
Six of the drivers currently operating under Jaypur Logistics LLC were prohibited in the FMCSA’s Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse from even operating a commercial motor vehicle. Twice during past roadside inspections, drivers had been cited for operating under the influence. During three other inspections drivers were cited for on-duty possession of drugs or alcohol.
FMCSA has cited Jaypur Logistics for violations regarding controlled substances and alcohol use and testing, commercial driver’s license standards driver qualification, unsafe driving, hours of service of drivers, and vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance.

Long list of infractions gets Houston carrier barred

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