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May 9, 2022: Fuel Dealer Fined for Oil Spill in Vermont

Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation has fined Champlain Valley Fuels $9,000 for a fuel oil spill at Benson Village School. In January 2021, a delivery driver for the company was filling the school’s 3,000 gallon fuel oil tank. The driver misjudged the capacity of the tank and spilled between 10-30 gallons of fuel oil. Champlain Valley Fuels cleaned up the oil and informed the school administrators of the incident. Once the snow melted from the spill site students and faculty began smelling oil in the building and reported it to the state. An investigation found 30 tons of soil had been contaminated during the spill and needed to be removed. Champlain Valley Fuels agreed to investigate the maximum extent of contamination and complete any work needed to remediate the site.

State fines fuel dealer for oil spill at Benson Village School

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