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April 12, 2022: Disabled Container Ship Near Point Reyes, CA Rescued

A container ship with 21 souls on board has been floating adrift near Point Reyes, CA. The ship, Wan Hai 176, lost engine power near San Francisco on Friday. Rough weather conditions prevented the Coast Guard from reaching the ship. While there were no injuries or fires on board, rescuing the vessel was a priority. Authorities were concerned about the 39,000 gallons of fuel the ship was carrying.
A tugboat was finally able to reach the ship on Monday. The Wan Hai 176 is now anchored a few miles off the coast of Point Reyes. The Coast Guard has ordered the ship to remain anchored while an inspection of the ship is completed. Authorities said “This hazardous situation was successfully resolved through proactive collaboration, seamless communication and deliberate risk assessment provided by our local, state, federal and industry partners.”

Rescue of Wan Hai 176

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