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March 23, 2022: Two Injured During Fire at NJ Pepsi Factory

Photo By: ABC 7 NY

A five-alarm fire broke out at a Pepsi factory in Piscataway, NJ yesterday morning. Two firefighters suffered non-life threatening injuries. Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire. Several propane tanks exploded during the fire causing it to spread rapidly. Authorities have said there is no sign of a potential collapse of the building. The Red Cross had volunteers onsite to aid the first responders as they battled the blaze.
Pepsi released the following statement regarding the fire. “On Tuesday evening, a fire started outside of the Pepsi plant and warehouse in Piscataway, NJ. Details of how the fire started will be investigated. First responders are on-site working to ensure the fire is controlled and quickly put out. All employees and people who were in the facility have been evacuated with no injuries.”

2 firefighters injured battling PepsiCo factory fire in New Jersey

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