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March 17, 2022: Lithium Battery Caused Fire in NY Sanitation Truck

Authorities believe an improperly disposed of lithium battery caused a fire to break out in a Staten Island sanitation truck. Sanitation workers were loading items onto the back of the truck when they noticed smoke pouring out of the vehicle.
A spokesperson for the city’s sanitation company stated “many batteries, or items containing batteries, require special handling when you want to dispose of them. Improper disposal can lead to fires in our trucks or at recycling facilities, and injuries to workers or passersby.”
Modern electronics should never be discarded in your garbage or recycling bins. Such items often contain lithium-ion batteries. These batteries burn at a very fast rate and at high heat. Once a fire has started, it can be very difficult to extinguish. If you need to dispose of an electronic item that contains a lithium battery you should always take it to your local recycling center. Employees at these facilities have been trained on how to safely handle and dispose of lithium batteries.

Battery suspected as cause of fire in Sanitation truck

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