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February 18, 2022: Two Trains Carrying Lithium Batteries and Petroleum Derail in MN

Two trains carrying lithium batteries and petroleum derailed in Frazee, MN. The accident occurred at the intersection of Frazee Road and Indy 500 Road just before 9 a.m. yesterday.
Officials said the materials are not currently posing any safety hazards to local residents. However as a precaution residents living on Valley View Road, which parallels the derailment, have been temporarily evacuated.
Becker County Officials said when the eastbound BNSF train derailed, it caused a parked westbound train to also come off the track. It is unknown how many cars were actually involved in the incident but cleanup is expected to take some time. The cause of the initial derailment is currently under investigation.

Dozens still evacuated after two trains go off the tracks in Frazee

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