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January 24, 2022: Crews Rush to Stop Burning Freight Train

Firefighters in Beaver County, PA rushed to stop a burning freight train yesterday afternoon. Reports of a Norfolk Southern freight train on fire barreling through Beaver County came into the fire department around noon.
The Baden Volunteer Fire Department was forced to bring in tankers to extinguish the fire. There were no hydrants near where the train stopped.
Norfolk Southern officials said “First – everyone is safe. Following our procedure in this situation, the crew quickly brought the train to a stop and exited the lead locomotive. There was nobody in the trailing locomotive that caught fire. The local fire department responded and extinguished the fire. Major damage was contained to that single locomotive. We’re grateful that our crew is safe and no one was hurt. We commend them for acting with professionalism and calmness throughout this incident. We’d like to thank the Baden Volunteer Fire Department for responding to the scene and quickly putting out the fire.”

Fire crews rush to stop train, put out blazing engine inferno in Beaver County

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