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January 19, 2022: Tanker Truck Spills 2,000 Gallons of Fuel in NJ

A tanker truck transporting 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel flipped over on Route 23 in Wayne, NJ on Monday morning. The accident closed all three lanes of traffic on the northbound side of the highway. The contents of the truck were spilled into a nearby storm drain that drains into Packanack Brook, a tributary of the Pompton River. Officials deployed a floating boom across the river to contain the spill.
The driver of the vehicle was not injured. The driver lost control of the vehicle while trying to manipulate a right hand turn. It was determined that the driver was traveling at a speed that was unsafe for the wet road conditions.

Tanker carrying 2,000 gallons of fuel spills on Route 23 in Wayne

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