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August 20, 2021: Derailment Knocks Out Power for Residents in Shelby County, IN

Photo by Janet Hallgarth

A mixed freight train derailed in Fountaintown, Indiana on Thursday. A total of 14 cars left the track. The derailment has left 427 customers without power. CSX and Duke Energy are working to restore the power as quickly as possible.
Rita Reith, Battalion Chief for the Indianapolis Fire Department, stated “Hazardous materials crews got on scene and discovered there were no actual hazardous materials leaking from any of the cars that had derailed. The only two items that were leaking were some used cooking oil that was leaking from one of the cars and some plastic pellets.”
A total of twenty homes were evacuated as a precaution. Reith said “They did not know what they had at the time. But there were no injuries, no loss of life, and nothing was harmed except for the track itself.”
According to CSX, the impact of the crash pushed 100 feet of rails off the ground. The cause of the derailment remains under investigation.

Several detours in place in Shelby County after a train derailed near Fountaintown

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