May 12, 2021: Petition for Waiver of Compliance

Norfolk Southern submitted a petition for a waiver of compliance from 49 CFR 213.233(b)(3), and (c), which require track inspections to be conducted visually by railroad track inspectors at certain frequencies based on class of track.
Norfolk Southern would like to use a combination of visual track inspections with automated inspections. The automated inspections would be completed three times a month. Visual inspections would be completed twice a month.
According to Norfolk Southern, track geometry defects have a continued downward trend, indicating overall improvement in track quality. Furthermore, NS believes that the relief would positively impact safety by increasing defect identification and remediation, reduce employee exposure to potential hazards, and facilitate maintenance program planning.
Interested parties may submit comments on the petition until June 28, 2021. All comments must include the docket number.

Docket Number FRA–2021–0044

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